Message From Founder


I, Mohammad Imran Ali, Former National U-16 Chess Champion in Bangladesh, Former Premier League Player of Bangladesh Biman, International Rated Player (FIDE) founded Chess Driving School. 

Chess and Driving can be compared from many angles. Chess isn’t an easy game & driving is similar, it depends on how you learn from the beginning. 

Chess is a game where you plan ahead. You think about a few possible moves, then you choose the best move. Sometimes, when the plan doesn’t go well, forget your bad move and try to find the best move in that situation.

Driving is also planned ahead. As you drive, you notice that you come across so many hazards so you prioritize what you should be more careful of. In your exam, things could go wrong. It’s important that you learn how to stay calm and focus on the future ahead. Chess and Driving have lots of similarities. 

As a former professional chess player, I see things from different angles. Every individual learns differently. I try my best to understand my pupil’s strengths and weaknesses and I adapt to every pupil's needs. 

When I learnt how to drive, I was told mostly what to do rather than why? I did many things and passed, but there was little explanation. In the modern world, it is recommended that a lesson should be Client Centred. Paying for a driving lesson is not cheap and that’s why it is important that your lesson is value for money. 

Chess Driving School is best suitable for those who are passionate about learning. Driving requires calmness. This is a skill you are going to learn for life, not just to pass. It is important you stay focused, calm and learn it properly. 
As a founder of Chess Driving School, your safety is my priority. And that’s why when pupils aren’t ready, we don’t take them to the test centre. It might not be the outcome you want at first, but this is the right thing to do for you and your loved ones. 
Chess Driving School will always be a place that you can trust.


Mohammad Imran Ali

Chess Driving School